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Construction works for construction / renovation / repair

Construction of new buildings

We undertake with passion the construction of maisonettes, detached houses and generally private construction projects. We provide a locked budget and tasks that are accurately described in the specifications. We seek technically sound and financially sound contractual agreements.

Supervision of all kinds of technical works

Our office undertakes the supervision process for each technical project and in more detail for the construction:

Apartment buildings
Industrial - Craft spaces
Office Buildings
Leisure and sports areas

Renovations - studies for the design of professional spaces

Configuration proposals - Finding Equipment - Construction of the project - Delivery of a high aesthetics & hospitable space.

Home renovations

We know that every property owner, investing a significant amount, requires to be happy with the renovation the following:

1. First to enter a place that will be hospitable and relaxing, so that he really wants to live it and give a "new breath" in his life. And this is achieved with functional architectural proposals and decoration.
2. To make his space without stress and having friendly communication with one person and not with many different crews. That is why there is a representative in all phases.
3. There should be no delays and frustrations, nor exceeding agreed costs when renovation work is done. Thus, our contract is absolute in our obligations.
4. Get the "turnkey" for a complete result that will last over time. We offer a guarantee, but also the experience of our satisfied customers.

Repairs of construction works

• Repairs in reinforced concrete structures, and load-bearing masonry
• Repair studies in reinforced concrete structures, for earthquake failures, additional loads, change of use, corrosion, etc.

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