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Drone work

Possessing know-how and experience as well as the appropriate software for more specific and complex tasks, we can complete topographic tasks, even in inaccessible places using the DJI Drone and specifically the Phantom 4 Pro model. In combination with the dual frequency GPS with connection to HEPOS, establishing appropriately distributed Ground Control Points on the ground, we can capture areas on any surface and in any conditions! (Even without the need to clean the property, which in some cases costs more than the topographic survey. Specifically with the use of the Drone we can perform the following tasks:

  • Topographic surveys of plots or agricultural plots, with full detail of the existing structures (buildings, terraces, fences, etc.), and full elevation (isosceles curves).

  • Create 3D terrain models with an accuracy of one centimeter per pixel

  • Creating heights and exporting a model in various editable formats such as dxf etc.

  • Creating orthophotos.

  • Aerial photography.

  • Aerial video recording for various uses of documentation.

3D Model

Δημιουργία 3D μοντέλου εδάφους/κτιρίων


Δημιουργία Ορθομωσαϊκού


Θέσεις αεροφωτογράφισης


Δημιουργία DEM με ισοϋψείς

Aerial Video


Aerial Photo

Παρακολούθηση έργων

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