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Topographic works

Possessing know-how and experience for more specific and complex tasks, we can complete ordinary - conventional topographic works, having a lot of experience for them as well. With equipment that includes dual frequency GPS with connection to HEPOS as well as theodolicho etc…

  • Topographic surveys of plots or agricultural plots, with full detail of the existing structures (buildings, terraces, fences, etc.), and full elevation (isosceles curves).

  • Detailed surveys and surveys of disputed or disputed plots of land, accompanied by corresponding technical expert reports.

  • Engraving of land or parcels.

  • Distributions and subdivisions of plots or agricultural parcels

  • Horizontal and vertical co-ownership.

  • Investigation of expropriation tables and accompanying topographic diagrams, and technical objections to them.

  • Checking the perfection and buildability of plots or agricultural parcels.

  • Inclusion of plots or agricultural parcels in the State Trigonometric Network (EGSA 87) (used, among other things, as a prerequisite for the characterization or declassification of an area by the Forest Service)

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