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Issuance of Electronic Building Identity (EBI)

The purpose of the Electronic Building Identity is to capture the current state of the building and its permits, as well as to monitor and control its changes during its lifetime.

The Electronic Identity of the Building is the electronic file that includes all the elements of the building as mentioned in the next paragraph with special reference to the KAEK number of the plot or field.

A copy of the file is kept in a special place inside the building under the responsibility of the owner.

Issued for the whole building or for an independent divided property (eg apartment)

The authorized engineer, who fills in the details of the Electronic Identity of the Building or the divided property, is appointed by the owner for each building or divided property.

The Electronic Building Identity includes the following elements:

a) the executive of the building permit of the building, with its revisions,

b) the plans accompanying the building permit;

c) the energy performance certificate of the building or parts thereof;

(d) the construction inspection certificate, if issued;

e) declarations of inclusion in laws suspending the imposition of sanctions on arbitrary;

(f) floor plans showing the building in its actual condition when it is not apparent from the data in cases a), b) and e);

(g) the structural vulnerability sheet and the static adequacy study, if required in accordance with Article 99;

(h) the millimeter table and the cost allocation study of the building, if required;

i) the Completeness Certificate of the Electronic Identity of the Building.

After the completion of the process, the Certificate of Completeness of the electronic identity is issued.

If you wish to be investigated for your property, fill in the details and send us the following document by email!

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